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Today our little furry bundle of joy turns 2 years old. In dog years, I guess he’s pretty much a teenager, and is considered to be fully grown and fully matured at this stage.

Our first weekend at the lake with our itty bitty pup (MiniCoop)

For some reason both Brian and I woke up this morning unusually fond of our dog, and then Bri got an email from Four Paws Animal Clinic, Cooper’s vet, that said, “Happy Birthday, Cooper!” Because you don’t get a dog as soon as they are born, we were actually having a hard time remembering the exact date, so this was great!

The day we got Cooper! What a little pudge he was!

A few years ago, Brian lost his dog Gus. He was a 7-year-old chocolate lab, and it was absolutely horrible. Gus had had some health issues (some sort of tumor), but his passing came rather suddenly one morning. It was a really sad day and Brian woke up this morning remembering this sweet dog. So what a joy it was to get this sweet message about Cooper!

Cooper fully grown last year in the mountains

Today is also a special day for our family because we just closed on a new house! We will be moving in the next few months to a house on a pond with a dock that our sweet pup can jump off to his little heart’s content! More on that later, though.

But a big shout out to Four Paws Animal Clinic for being on top of things and always making us and Cooper feel special. They are awesome! They are always excited to see Cooper, and call him by name when we arrive. And no matter how rambunctious he is (’cause he’s a lab…), they never seem the least bit bothered.

So happy birthday to our sweet pup. We hope to have many more years of fun with this guy!