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Bri and I recently got back from a work trip to The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island. I know, I know. Tough job, right? Even better was when we got to go up to walk the meeting space and meet with the event coordinators a couple of weeks prior to our actual trip.

Truffles and Champagne left in our room!

Let me tell you: they pulled out all the stops for us! Because we were there over Valentine’s weekend, the staff sent up a bottle of champagne and some house-made chocolate truffles sitting ON more chocolate! You guys!!!!!!!!!

We had a great afternoon, just enjoying the resort. We had planned to go back into Johns Island for a late dinner, but since it was 30 minutes away, and I was REALLY hangry hungry, we had some wine and cheese at the lobby bar, and then ultimately decided to have dinner on property at the Italian restaurant, Tomasso (which was awesome, by the way!).

We spent the next afternoon at the Southeastern Wildlife Expo (SEWE) in Charleston freezing our behinds off watching the dog jumping competition. The wind was ridiculous, but it was still really cool to watch these dogs getting close to world record jumping lengths! We’ll definitely be entering Cooper next year (we missed that little furry face!!). Sidenote: I definitely had a “where the heck am I” moment as I looked around at all the camo. I think I’ve got to be about the least-southern southern girl there is…  😉

The amazing cheese plate from the Lobby Bar

But for actual Valentine’s Day dinner (I think partly to make up for making me freeze all afternoon!!!!!), Bri and I decided to go all out and have dinner on the Ocean Course in The Atlantic Room, which is the seafood restaurant on property at The Sanctuary.

It was still about a 20-minute shuttle ride from the main hotel, but we were technically still on-property. You guys. I’m pretty sure that like Tiger Woods has a house somewhere on this island (of course, no one can technically verify that, if you ask…). We passed some MASSIVE houses on our way. Everything is just gorgeous on Kiawah, and it is also SUPER exclusive.

When we arrived to our reservation, the staff handed me a red rose and seated us right in front of the massive fireplace. I’ll tell you a secret: if it is light enough to see outside, the best seat in the house is anywhere by the window. But when it is cold and dark (as it was that evening), the best seat in the house is right by the fireplace!

We ordered some wine, and then the shrimp appetizer, which is basically like Bang Bang Shrimp from Bonefish, but better!

Then, because it’s almost a requirement in my world to order scallops whenever they are available, that is what I ordered as my entree. They were SOOOOO good! They were paired with both sweet and crunchy vegetables, which complemented the softness of the scallops perfectly.

The funny thing is, though, that Bri liked my entree the best, and I actually liked his even better than mine! His was the fish of the day, and it came with some kind of little fried gnocchi and a delicious spinachy creamy sauce.

After our amazing dinners, even though we were full (cause we ate like ALL of it…) I, of course, still had to order dessert. And it had to be chocolate. Duh.

So we ordered the chocolate molten cake. It was amazing! Fluffy and lightly crispy around the edges on the outside, with a gooey, oozey center. And homemade whipped cream! Which I am an absolute sucker for!

Overall, it was a perfect romantic dinner. And even better is that there was a shuttle to take us back to the hotel! Which was good, because Kiawah is really dark at night, and full of wildlife. We passed several deer and a few other critters on our way back.

Another cool thing about The Atlantic Room is that the menu changes seasonally. I’m pretty sure there will always be scallops, fish, etc., but the way they are plated is constantly changing to keep everything as fresh and interesting as possible.