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Okay, so I promise that most days, my job is just like yours. I read emails, I answer emails, I write emails to send out to all of our clients… But just a couple of times a year, my job is TRULY fabulous. Last week was one of those times.

Two words: Dessert. Buffet.

One of my biggest (read: most awesome) tasks at work is planning and running the client appreciation trip we take our top clients on every year. And I’m not gonna lie – it’s really not horrible…

We just got back from our 4-day event at The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island, a 5-star resort on the pristine coast of South Carolina. You guys. I want to live there.

The food is fantastic, the rooms are amazing, and the service is unbeatable. If you ever have a chance to stay at The Sanctuary, you need to do everything in your power to do so.

Bri and I arrived Saturday evening (don’t even ASK about the traffic – ugh), and there was a bottle of wine in our room courtesy of the staff – almost like they knew we’d need it… So we sat down and had a little wine and cheese before heading out to a late dinner at Cure back on Johns Island (post on that to come).


Sunset over The Sanctuary

The next morning we had the southern breakfast buffet in Jasmine Porch before I had to head off to a meeting and Bri to a tennis lesson (you think you’re envious of my job, but really, Bri has the sweetest deal of all…)

Sunday night we had our annual welcome banquet, complete with an oyster roast (at which the banquet staff shucked all of the oysters for us – nice, but also, SAFE, cause, you know, alcohol and all…), complete with some amazing pimento cheese spread; followed by a fabulous buffet dinner.

Monday afternoon, I got to enjoy the 5-star spa, where I had a massage and got to relax a little. I know you would think that the entire event is relaxing, but it’s technically my job to keep up with 180 people, which isn’t actually so relaxing sometimes…

All dressed up!

Monday night was our Awards Banquet, which is our more formal event. Bri and I dressed up pretty, so I made him stop everything he was doing and take a picture with me (completely forgot to do so the night before – or really at any other point during the event).

We had a plated dinner of braised short ribs and some sort of sweet potatoes gratin. Everyone raved about the short ribs, which are apparently one of the resort’s most popular banquet items.

You guys! It’s The Embers!!!!!

After dinner, we brought in the band The Embers to play beach music. We danced the night away, and everyone had an amazing time! People were shagging, wobbling, chicken dancing, and just generally having a lot of fun. Plus, The Embers are a real band! And I booked them! How crazy is that?!?!?!

Cherrywood BBQ on Osprey Point Golf Course

Tuesday was our annual golf tournament, during which I headed inside to have a FABULOUS meal of rotisserie chicken, Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale (you NEED this in your life – also, WHERE can I find some of this in Columbia???), and macaroni and cheese that has actually won Charleston’s “Mac Off” competition! I have to tell you that my plate got a LOT of envious stares…

That evening we headed out in smaller groups to restaurants on- and off-property. My group went to Fat Hen on Johns Island. More to come on that. Spoiler alert: it was AMAZING.

Breakfast in Jasmine Porch

Wednesday is sort of the wind-down to our trip. Pretty much everyone just has breakfast and then checks out.

Bri and I had breakfast in Jasmine Porch again, but this time I had been drooling over dreaming about the Blueberry Quinoa Pancakes. Without ever having tasted them, I had tried to make some a few weeks ago at home. But boy, did mine fall short!

These pancakes were amazing! Fluffy, but lightly crispy around the edges, with a bourbon butter and a lemon rosemary creme fraiche. And filling, too, because of the quinoa!

The renowned Ocean Course

We really did not want to leave. So we got a late check out, rode bikes around the island, and then stopped at Ryder Cup Bar (on the famous Ocean Course) for a late lunch on our way out.

I had mahi tacos, some delicious potato wedges, and a couple of Bri’s chicken wings. Then we sat in the sunshine for as long as we could before we really had to head home.

Traffic was horrible again, and it took us twice as long to get home as it should have, but I’d say it was still worth it to soak up just a few last rays of sun.

Overall, The Sanctuary is definitely worth the trip, and worth every last moment you can savor while there. Eat all the foods, enjoy all the niceties of the spa, and relax all you can. Because now that it’s over, I definitely have to start planning another trip…