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For my birthday earlier this month, my wonderful husband got me a massage at OCCO Skin Studio. I know. He did good. Really good. Because I got to feel like it was my birthday all over again when I went to get my massage. Tip for you men out there: if your lady enjoys getting pampered (and who doesn’t??), this is a WIN.

I love OCCO. It’s a great little local day spa tucked away off of Gervais Street, across from Publix. You basically walk in off the street (they have a few parking spots next to the building, so check those first before trying to park elsewhere), and you think it’s not going to be much, but inside is like a downtown oasis.

Birthday flowers and gift from my love

Birthday flowers and gift from my love

Been there before? Well, they’ve upgraded. In a big way. The furnishings were nicer, the atmosphere was quieter, and the staff was more professional than the last time I went. And it was pretty great before.

The inside is beautiful, with exposed ductwork and painted brick walls, giving it a very modern city vibe. You are welcomed with your choice of spa water or a mimosa as you enter, and then make your way up the steps to check in, where they have a bowl of delicious dark chocolate peppermint patties waiting for you at the check in table.

Anyone getting a manicure or pedicure is then seated near the pretty pretty mimosa table after you pick out your choice of OPI Polish or gel.

But if you’ve chosen a spa service, you are escorted into the relaxation room, where you can zen out before your appointment. I arrived with plenty of time to spare, so I just enjoyed reading and sipping lemon cucumber water, trying to allow myself the maximum relaxation before my massage.

Lest you think this place is just for women, let me tell you it is not. Men deserve to be pampered, as well. In fact, a gentleman checked in right as I was heading in to my massage, and he’s not the first man I’ve seen there.

My Swedish massage (courtesy of Elizabeth) was fantastic. She made sure to focus on a nice long scalp massage. You guys. Is there anything better than someone rubbing your head and face? I think not.

After my massage I went home and enjoyed a glass (andahalf…) of sparkling wine to fully relax and unwind. Tough day, I know. To be fair, I did clean out our bathroom cabinets and work out that morning first…