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My swordfish entree

Over the last few years, Columbia has really jumped on the Farm-to-Table trend. And why not, given the local bounty of small farmers, Adluh Flour, local dairy farms, and more? Terra is probably my favorite of these Farm-to-Table establishments. The head chef can truly take his recipes to the next level, making mundane items on a menu into something fantastic.

Bri's steak and fries

Bri’s steak and fries

Bri and I have always loved Terra. In fact, it’s where we had our wedding rehearsal dinner a couple of years ago. Terra is one of the rare places that can take something as simple as fried chicken and turn it into something memorable. (You know what else was memorable? The Deconstructed Candy Bar. They made their own Kit Kat parts, laid them on a plate next to each other and turned it into something Kit Kat could never have even dreamed to be.)

Friends, plus the Columbia skyline in the evening

So a few weeks ago, a friend of ours was in town from Charlotte, and we were looking for a place to have a late dinner. We were trying to think of the best place to go, since it was Friday night and like ALL of the Vista parking was gone, when Bri and I remembered a nice happy hour we had at Terra a few months back and decided to have our double date there. GREAT decision.

I mean even the cheese plate is phenomenal at this place, so we ordered a cheese plate, wine, and entrees. I ordered the swordfish (the specials change fairly regularly, so make sure to listen to the specials on the day you go), and Brian had the steak. My fish came with some kind of eggplant, which I’m not typically a fan of, but you guys, I was close to licking that stuff off my plate!!!! It was fantastic!

Brian loved his steak, and I loved stealing some of his fries and dipping them into the remoulade that came with them…

We would have loved to stick around for dessert, but after devouring enjoying every morsel on my plate, I was tapped out.

I’ve never had anything bad at Terra, so you can pretty much assume that everything will be delicious. But a few things should be pointed out: 1.) Wednesday nights are Pizza and Pinot, where you get a deal on a personal wood-fired pizza (read: HUGE pizza for one), plus a glass or a bottle of a select Pinot Noir for a combo discount; and 2.) The bartenders are fantastic and have concocted some fabulously delicious (and WAYYY too easy to drink) cocktails, so if you’re in the mood for something a little fancy, check out the drink menu.