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Chocolate Cork

Whenever possible, I like to try to shop locally, especially for food. I usually end up getting a much higher quality, not to mention fresher items this way. Crust Bakehouse might just be my favorite local bread shop.

Crust is a small bakery off of Rosewood Drive. It really doesn’t look like much from the outside, but step inside and the heavenly smells of freshly baked bread are overwhelmingly delicious.

Crust bakes its bread fresh each and every day, and actually makes different items each day. You can check its Facebook page each morning for the list of that day’s breads and pastries (Tuesdays through Fridays – they’re closed Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays). In fact, if you comment on their post and ask them to save items for you, they will! And by the way, I highly recommend that if you see something you want, that you go ahead and “reserve” it because it is very likely that they will sell out of it if you don’t request it.

I reserved a loaf of bread today, hoping to also catch a glimpse of the delicious muffins they had listed. But when I arrived at noon to pick up my bread, all the muffins and pastries were gone. I inwardly patted myself on the back for making sure I reserved my gouda loaf, because it was ready and waiting on me, unlike the pastries I didn’t ask for. Oh well, I’m sure my waistline will thank me later…

Everything I’ve had so far from Crust has been beyond fabulous. I keep telling myself that I’m going to go in on a Friday morning (when they have croissants) and have a pastry and a cup of Coffee By Design – which they sell by the bag or cup – but we all know how mornings go, plus I understand that they are fairly busy when they open at 7:30 (I guess lots of people have my same idea).

Smoked Gouda Bread

So far, I’ve had the Ciabatta – a slightly salty and hearty bread that we love to dip in olive oil and herbs, the Smoked Gouda – a fabulous crusty loaf that actually has little chunks of smoked gouda CHEESE baked right in, the chocolate croissants (WAY better than your grocery store or national coffee chain – like, does not EVEN compare!!), and the Chocolate Corks.

You. Guys. The Chocolate Corks – little individually sized chocolate cakes that are almost a cross between a cake and a torte – are TO DIE FOR. I tasted a mere crumb of one the other day and had been drooling over raving about it for a full week before finally being able to purchase one this weekend (they are usually only offered on Fridays – a cruel amount of time to make us poor chocoholics wait, but Crust does at least have other temptations the rest of the week). My husband always claims he is “not really a dessert person,” and typically sets his expectations low whenever anyone talks something up as much as I did the Chocolate Corks. Well, the moment of truth finally came: we got to savor our delectable treats on Sunday night. He took two bites and said, “Mmmm! This IS good!”

“I told you so” never tasted so sweet…