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I’ve had approximately the same haircut for like forever now. For years I’ve worn my tresses in some slight variation of mid-length locks that fall a few inches below my shoulders. I’ve had some layers, some angling, etc., but the effect is always about the same. I can straighten it, curl it, scrunch it, or whatever, but it pretty much just looks like medium-length brown hair. So I decided to change it…

I started going to Metropolis Dry Bar recently after my hair stylist moved to Germany (sad day!). Metropolis is a New York-style salon that specializes in haircuts, coloring, blowouts, as well as skincare and makeup. It is the ideal spot to take a group of friends and let them get you ready for an event (such as a wedding or prom), as well as just a great place to get your hair cut.

Who doesn’t love getting pampered from time to time? I know I sure do. However, when said pampering has to come out of one’s own pocket, well… That’s why I love it when a hair salon washes your hair before cutting it. One of the things that I love the most about Metropolis is that they wash your hair before cutting it. You guys. There is not much better in the world than letting someone else wash your hair for you. It’s just completely different than when you wash your own hair.


But this time I thought I could use a change. I scoured the internet for pictures of haircuts that might look good on me and with my hair type, and finally decided on a long bob. Or “lob,” if you will. I realize everyone and her sister seems to be getting this haircut (every other day it some Hollywood actress has joined the lob masses), but it was still different for me.  So after my glorious hair wash, the stylist set to work chopping off all of my hair (in actuality it was probably just a few inches, but since it’s been long for lik, forever, it seemed like a lot). In the end, I got this short, sassy and summery new ‘do:


I really like it! However, even as I look at these pictures, I keep forgetting that my hair is actually this length now. I suspect it will take me a few days to remember that my hairbrush is going to stop a lot sooner now when running it through my hair. My coworkers also all stopped me in the halls when I got back to make me show it off. And yet every time I pass a mirror, it takes my brain a few seconds to remember that it’s different.   banner