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Cheers to green juice!

I’ve not exactly been “behaving” lately when it comes to food. So this weekend I supposed it might be time for something a little healthier. My mom (probably after reading this blog…) invited me to join her at Good Life Cafe, an all-vegan, raw foods restaurant on Main Street. Yes, it is a bit on the crunchy side, but it’s on the delicious side of it.

IMG_2282When we arrived and started taking pictures (ahem) a lady approached us to see if she could take our photo. As it turned out, she was the Marketing and Promotions Associate at the restaurant (Anne Buck), and my mom had actually heard her speak before about the Raw Foods Diet.

Just to give you a little background: my mom (and me, to an extent) has done some pretty extensive research on the Raw Diet, and knows the benefits of living a clean and healthy lifestyle. Buck has lived this firsthand, as she did a diet-180 after being diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer several years ago. Within 5 months of her new lifestyle, she was cancer-free and had a whole new outlook on eating. She is now passionate about a clean diet, as well as helping other people to understand more about how food can harm or heal the body.

Liquid Sunshine juice blend (Romaine Lettuce, Pineapple, Celery, Spinach, Orange, Cucumber, and Lemon juices)

Liquid Sunshine juice blend (Romaine Lettuce, Pineapple, Celery, Spinach, Orange, Cucumber, and Lemon juices)

My mom and I started our lunch with some fresh cold-pressed green juice, containing all sorts of good-for-us veggies and fruits. My mom is actually a big juicer herself, but as she noted, it’s kind of a pain to deal with – and clean out – a juicing machine. So it’s pretty nice to just buy it ready to go on occasion. Good Life Cafe cold presses its juices each morning, so you know you’re getting the freshest nutrients each and every day. I will say, if you don’t like one of the particular ingredients in your juice of choice, you may want to pick a different one, because you really can taste pretty much all of the main ingredients. I’m not a huge celery fan, and this was certainly a prominent flavor in the one we picked. But otherwise, the juice was great. Very smooth. No pulp or strings. And the fruits really make it quite pleasant, almost making you forget you’re actually drinking vegetables.


Trio Plate appetizer

As an appetizer, we decided to split the Trio Plate, which contains Hummus, Pimento-less “Cheese,” and Pesto. My favorite was the hummus (my mom preferred the Pimento-less “Cheese”). The dips were served with these incredible herbed flax crackers. They are crunchy and chewy all at once, and had a fantastic flavor that complimented the spreads really well. We may have asked for extras…


Meatless “Tacos”

Since we had each been to Good Life before, we both knew exactly what we wanted as our main course before we even sat down: Tacos. Keep in mind that this restaurant is completely vegan and completely raw, so don’t expect any steaming piles of ground taco meat coming your way. Instead, the tacos are topped with a walnut and soy sauce “meat,” and drizzled with cashew “cheese” and “sour cream.” These are really more like tostadas than folded up tacos. And beware that these can get a litt-le messy. They come with two sides, so we chose the Cauliflower Tabbouleh and the Kale Salad (which was surprisingly fantastic, even though kale is not my favorite food).

The best part of the Good Life Cafe is that you don’t feel guilty about anything you eat there. Even the dips and crackers were technically good for us, and there was no greasy residue from the tacos. The pesto dip wasn’t even oily, as pesto typically is. We left feeling satisfied, but not weighed down.

Now, lest you think that ColaTownTourist has reformed her ways and will no longer be blogging about the delicacies of our local steakhouses, et al: don’t you worry. Dinner that night was pizza.