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When the girls and I get together for happy hour, we have three requirements: 1) Great drinks (duh), 2) must have food (’cause we can get a little cranky when we’re hungry…or maybe that’s just me…), and 3) PARKING. Cellar on Greene just happens to have all three.

Cellar on Greene is a restaurant and wine bar that’s a little off the beaten path. Located behind The Inn at Claussen’s and Mr. Friendly’s New Southern Cafe, it is tucked away, just barely out of sight in 5 Points.

With almost daily specials (Monday through Thursday, plus tastings on many a Saturday), Cellar is an ideal happy hour spot any day of the week. Thursday nights are its “Anything Goes” half-price wine night, so that was a big win. Because what beats a $3.75 glass of delicious wine?

The server was very helpful in describing in detail what each wine and appetizer tasted like. I love a server who’s actually tasted the menu. In my opinion, if you’ve not tried – and enjoyed – the food you’re selling, then what are you really doing working there? That’s the mark of a good server to me: someone who can make recommendations based on what I tell him or her I enjoy.

Our server did a great job in this respect. We were a little unsure what one of the specials was, and she did an excellent job describing it as something along the lines of a fresh tuna tartare or ahi tuna-type dish. It was fantastic! Very light and summery. (Honestly, the choice had been between the tuna special and the Truffle Fries, so having chosen the former, we left feeling satiated, rather than weighed-down from greasy fries.) We also ordered the cheese plate (who knew that was coming?), which had this incredible strawberry pepper jam on it. You guys, we totally ate that junk with a fork when all the cheese was gone… (#notashamed or should it be #noshame…).

Cellar also has a great little wine shop with some darn good prices! They of course have the pricier bottles, but they also have a dirt cheap rack (my words, not theirs), which has bottles in the $10 region…which is where I live when it comes to wine…

But back to the subject of parking for just a sec. Columbia is certainly not a major city, but we are seriously lacking on some downtown parking spots, amiright? Why is it SO difficult to find a parking spot in this town?

Sorry for the rant. banner