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As my husband will tell you, I do NOT like to get my car washed. And here’s why: I hate paying someone to do something I could just do myself (other than cook and clean up my dinner on occasion, because after a long day at work that is sometimes WORTH. EVERY. PENNY). But here’s the problem: I hate washing my car. Conundrum, huh?

Enter Constan Car Wash. These guys will wash and hand dry your car for you, all for the low low price of $6.00. SIX. FREAKING. BUCKS. Plus, throw in an extra $4.00 and they will clean your wheels for you, as well. If your brakes are ceramic like my previous car’s were, this is a BIG deal. So long, blackened hubcaps! So long, caked-on pollen!

There is one catch, though: You do have to get out of your car. For the basic (or even upgraded) wash, you will need to pull up, let the staff know which service you would like (“$6 car wash, please!”), then take the ticket they give you inside so you can pay. While you are paying, they will wash your car, bring it out front, hand dry it with a towel, then honk the horn when it’s ready to go! Easy! And it typically doesn’t take very long, either. Unless, of course, you go the first sunshiny day after a lot of rain and the worst pollen storm known to mankind… (hypothetically speaking, of course)

I went last week with just a few cars ahead of mine, and I was in and out – clean, towel-dried car – in under 12 minutes! And while you wait, there are snacks and drinks for sale inside, including some fabulous-looking homemade sourdough bread.

Constan is located right next to the train bridge that runs across Gervais Street. The owners are really nice people. Brian had been taking his car there for a while before he realized that he actually had met the owner before. Small world!