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Pout makeup boutique on Divine Street

So today’s post is probably mostly for the ladies, as it is about Pout Cosmetics and Skin Studio. But I will say that this cute little Divine Street boutique could be the ideal place to pick up a gift for your woman, fellas… (hint hint…)

Now that I’m almost 30 (ahhhh!!!!), I’ve started feeling like maybe I need to start using, like, real products that actually match my skin tone, etc… That’s kinda hard to do at the drugstore, where I typically make my makeup and skincare purchases (Trust me: I’ve purchased – and then worn – lots of doesn’t-quite-match stuff…I know…embarrassing…)

One of the many beautiful brands offered at Pout

Enter Pout. This adorable makeup store on Divine Street has all kinds of beauty brands, including Smashbox, Nars, Stila, and more.

I could seriously spend hours in here. There are so many things to look at, including hair care, skin care, and just about every beauty problem-solving item known to mankind. Pout has endless stations of products – so much so that you will probably need one of the lovely ladies in there to help you navigate the aisles.

My purchase came in this adorable girly bag

My purchase came in this adorable girly bag

And they are happy to help! I went in for one item: concealer. One of the staff members was very helpful and let me try out a few different ones, matching it perfectly to my skintone. So fun! (Except for the fact that she matched me to “Fair,” – FAIR!!!! – which, while a perfect match, is still a bit of a blow to the ego…)

When we were finished with the concealers, I told her I would soon be in the market for a foundation that matched my skintone (unlike the one I’m currently wearing from the drugstore…ahem…) and she even made me some samples to take home and try out. So now I get to continue playing with makeup. Yay!

The cute little lingerie section of the shop

But they have more than just makeup at Pout. They have such a cute little lingerie boutique in the back corner of the store, where you can find PJs, intimates, and even lingerie detergent. So even if you’re not a product junkie (or if you’re a dude in the market for something nice for your lady…), give Pout a visit.

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