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Soda City on Main Street, Columbia

One of the best (and fairly recent) additions to the Columbia scene is Soda City market. This is an all-local outdoor market on Main Street that pops up every Saturday morning, rain or shine. (In the event of rain, they typically move all of the vendors into the Taylor Street garage, so join their mailing list to make sure you’re headed to the right spot.) You guys. I wish I’d thought of this thing because it is AWESOME!

Cooper making friends

When the weather is nice, Brian and I love to take our energetic yellow lab Cooper and wear him out just a bit. If you’ve ever raised a labrador (or even just a puppy) you’ve probably noticed that nothing wears them out more than social interaction, especially with other dogs. We can walk Cooper for over an hour and he still wants to be up in everybody’s business when we get home. But if he plays with another dog, he is wiped out sometimes for 2 days (whew)!

Double Trouble Donuts is TROUBLE for me!

So we headed out there last Saturday morning because our pup needed some exercise, plus I have been salivating over dreaming about Double Trouble Donuts! You guys, these ladies make their own donuts from scratch! They have all kinds of flavors: Strawberry Shortcake, Chocolate Glazed (with SPRINKLES!!!!), Coffee Cake (seriously two of my favorite words in the English language right there), plus other interesting seasonals like Rose with Lemon Crumble. I mean…

I got the Birthday Cake doughnut (because CAKE!!). You. Guys. It was a homemade glazed doughnut with CAKE crumbles on top. CAKE CRUMBLES!!!! If I knew I had only one day left on this planet, I would probably spend it eating cake. Yum. BTDubs – Double Trouble Donuts can also be found on Main Street outside of the Nest gift shop until about 1:00 most weekdays, so if you can’t wait until Saturday, you’re still in luck.

And what goes better with donuts than coffee? The Indah Coffee Company is always a popular tent – and very nearly always one of our stops when we visit the market. And if you don’t love coffee (yes, I’ve heard that there are actually people like this who exist) or already had yours before you came (but really, why wouldn’t you want a second, third or twelfth cup?!?!), Indah also offers delicious herbed water in addition to its hot and iced coffees.

Brian picked up some kind of ungodly chili dog a little closer to lunchtime, which he devoured in about two seconds. But there are all kinds of breakfast options, as well, in case you’re out there a bit earlier, or, like Brian and I (and Ron Swanson) and could eat breakfast all day… My recommendation? Go to the Aly-Umtious tent and get their breakfast biscuit. It’s filled with eggs, meat and cheese (or in my case, just eggs and cheese), and is fantastic. We may or may not have been drooling over the ones we saw people carrying around…

The cute treats at Pupcakes

Many of the vendors are dog-friendly, offering little water bowls next to their tents for furry patrons to enjoy. The Pupcakes tent is always a big hit with our little Tasmanian devil. If we let him close enough he’d probably devour the whole table, legs and all (there ain’t no stopping a lab once he starts eating…). But the Pupcakes folks are very friendly, often offering little doggie bags with samples of their treats. I gotta be honest: Cooper will eat pretty much anything. He doesn’t have the most refined palate. But he does love him some Pupcakes. And the people there are super friendly, so it’s worth a stop if you have a dog.

There is seriously just about something for everyone at Soda City. There are flowers, local crafts, vintage clothing and accessories, restaurants, produce, groceries, and more. You can seriously do half your grocery shopping, eat breakfast and lunch (and snacks!!), purchase your skincare and clothing for the week, as well as decorate your house plus 3 of your neighbors’. But it’s only open from 9:00-1:00, so you’ll have to shop fast…